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Take women on first dates
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When it comes to first dates with women, there’s only one place in my rulebook to go for.

Take a guess. It’s where you’ll find baristas armed with beaming smiles (or is it just Starbucks?) and where you can smell the waft of roasted beans.


 It’s what a woman wants
It also happens to be a place where most university students cram and study for their exams.

Yes, I know I gave the answer away already. But if you really didn’t get it, it’s the Coffee Shop.

Coffee shops in my most honest opinion and years of experience in dating are probably the safest bets. It’s what a woman wants — a place that’s secure, and conducive to learn more about each other.


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 Coffee dates
I know for a fact that many guys shackle down at the thought of first dates. A common problem is over thinking your first date idea. Some may resort to fine-dining, thus sweating their spare income; or some go for the usual boring movie dates.

Guys, the trick is to keep it simple. Head for first dates and save yourself the burden of having to prepare days in advance.

Now, let me provide 3 million dollar reasons why coffee dates are the best.

1. Women consider it a “safe and secure” place to meet guys on first dates. I’ve never been turned down for coffee dates. The worst-case scenario was a reschedule to another day or different coffee shop. Believe me, coffee dates can certainly lower the chance of your invitation being rejected dramatically.

You see, most women nowadays love coffee, so you’ve somewhat pushed the “Yes” button inside her head before she even voices her agreement.


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 Explode your dating game.
2. It’s perfect for housing conversations, and your words definitely won’t be drowned out by surrounding noises. Use this session a moment to learn more about your date. Gain more insight about who she is. Discover whether the two of you are compatible, or whether your interests match or not.

What a woman wants is a man who doesn’t have selfish motives on just gratifying his sexual urges, but to also look out for the woman. Keeping a strong conversation afloat does just that, whilst also conveying the message that you are geniunely into your date, not just after her body and a quick fix.

3. It’s budget friendly, and it definitely beats taking her to a five-star bistro. If you wind up being disinterested about her by the end of the night, at least you can sleep knowing that you didn’t bruise the bones of your bank statement.

Next time you approach girls, try taking this piece of advice with you. Don’t be surprised at how willingly women will blurt out a, “yes”, instead of shutting you down on the spot.

Explode your dating game.


 Best first date ideas

If you’d like more powerful cutting edge dating tips for guys, or time-proven tips on how to become an alpha male, make sure you check out the rest of my article entries on here, and don’t forget to download a copy of my 20 Dating Secrets special report.

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